Five great beach camping tips

Summer isn’t officially her  for a few more days, but the kids are out of school and summer camping season has officially started.  We love camping just about anywhere, and summertime makes for some great beach camping, so we thought we would share 5 beach camping tips:

1: Apply sunscreen early and often. When you are near the water and the sand, you get sun exposure coming from both directions. The sunlight comes from the sky, but those rays also bounce off the sand and the water and hit you again. We’ve even heard of people getting the underside of their nose burned in some situations! A Shademaker from PahaQue such as a Cottonwood sun shelter or a trailer shade from Paha Que Custom can help cut back on your sun exposure


2: Don’t forget the insect repellent. Freshwater beaches will likely have small pools nearby where mosquitoes and other insects can breed, and ocean beach camping can be near freshwater marshes. Washed up ocean vegetation can attract insects such as sand flies and other insects. So make sure you have effective insect repellent (deet is the most effective). If you are in a travel trailer, make sure you keep the windows and screen doors shut. If you are tent camping, be sure the mesh on your tent is made from no-see-um grade mesh that keeps out all those little critters


3: Plan for the sand. You will get sand everywhere. It’s a fact. But you can reduce the amount of sand you track into your travel trailer or tent, by wearing shoes or sandals that are easy to remove, by having a small rug or drop cloth at the entrance, and by having a towel nearby to wipe off your feet. For tent campers, a PahaQue Tentrug will make it easier to clean out your tent at the end of your trip.


4: If you are setting up on the sand, you’ll need some extra gear. For trailer campers,, bring some plywood squares to put under your leveling blocks. A typical leveling block will sink into the sand and your trailer will become unstable. Normal tent stakes often won’t hold in the sand, so tent campers may need to use sand stakes or sand bags.


5: Avoid glass bottles. An adult beverage is often an integral part of a camping trip, but glass bottles are a no-no at most beaches, and a cut foot is fast way to ruin a great trip. A wide assortment of quality beverages ( including wine) are available in cans these days. And they haven’t had those removable pop tops that cut Jimmy Buffet’s foot in decades. Be kind to other neighbors and yourself stick to cans.

canned wine
Even wine is available in cans these days.


Do you have any beach camping tips or tricks you would like to share with us? Reach out to us on our Facebook page and tell us your tricks.