Check out the new PahaQue Custom website

The PahaQue Custom website was only a few years old, but websites seem to age in dog years, or maybe faster.   We want to keep our websites fast loading and easy to navigate.   We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find a cover for your teardrop trailer, a  visor for your A-Frame trailer,  or an awning for your R-pod.   We make side tents, auxiliary rooms and canopies for many different camper models.   And as our product line has grown and improved, the old site just wasn’t cutting it any longer.  We revamped the PahaQue Wilderness website last year, and we knew the PahaQue Custom website was next.


We are pretty happy with the new site.  The  catalog menu allows you to browse through our different categories, such as Trailer Shades, Trailer Covers, and  Trailer Tents.    You can also find accessories, setup instructions and more.  If you need a cover for your camping trailer or want to create some extra shade with for your T@b, A-frame,  R-Pod, it’s easy to browse our website and find what you need.   Of course we make shademakers, cover,s and tents for many models of camper, way too many to list here.   So just head on over to the new PahaQue Custom website and take a look around.

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