Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our 2011 Fall Photo Contest winner Gordie Ziegler and runner-up Linda Willhide!  Gordie won a brand new Bear Creek 200 tent and Linda won a new Shadow Mountain Cabana from PahaQue Wilderness.   

We recieved about 20 eligible photo entries – some folks sent in really great photos, that unfortunately did not qualify because they were not taken from inside the tent.  So with 20 or so entries I would say the odds of winning a $300 prize in a PahaQue contest is somewhat greater than winning the same amount in your state lottery! 

A big thanks to everyone who participated in our contest – we will run another contest in the near future and give away another great tent from PahaQue Wilderness.


Gordie’s winning photo of Crabtree Meadow and Priest Mountain, CA


Linda's runner-up photo of Stonewall Jackson Lake State Park in West Virginia