We are finally old enough to buy a beer

IBM’s Deep Blue beat Gary Kasparov at chess, the Dow closed above 7000 for the first time, Steve Jobs returned to Apple, and Tiger woods became the youngest golfer to win the Masters golf tournament. The year? 1997. It was also the year the PahaQue launched the Pamo Valley Tent as our first product. The Pamo Valley featured bathtub-style floors, all-mesh roofs, built-in awnings and 100% waterproof performance. Those features were innovative for the time, it was tough to find a family tent that had all those features. But eventually those all came to be standard on any  family camping tent worth its salt.

As  early version ( 1998) of the Pamo Valley tent, tested in a real world conditions.  Including 40+ MPH wind gusts in the Bradshaw Mountains of AZ

In 1999 we released the PahaQue Teepee, a one of a kind privacy and shower tent. Nobody was making a similar product at the time, and we and practically invented the category of privacy and shower tents. We have been busy since then, and constantly moving, designing, and implementing new techniques and features. We’ve created innovative screen rooms, multi room tents, and an innovative hammock design. In that 21 years we’ve seen so many of our designs become industry standards, that it would be easy to get frustrated at copycats, but we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the industry has recognized our designs with countless awards. So we just keep pushing forward with new innovations in family camping tents.


While PahaQue Wilderness is old enough to vote, go to college, and buy a beer, PahaQue Custom is still is still a school kid.. It’s been less than a decade since we first used our design and manufacturing experience to create high quality tent awnings and covers for T@B and T@G teardrop trailers. We quickly became innovators in that space as well, and PahaQue Custom now makes covers, awnings, shades and tent rooms for all types of camping trailers, including Alto, R-Pod, and A frame campers. We’ve recently added fun patterns, and designs,, improved as well as improved attachment systems. We’ve even collaborated with the iconic Airstream brand, and helped them develop side and rear tents for their Basecamp trailers.

Our Collaboration with Airstream on the Basecamp Rear tent
Alto Canopy
Our Alto Canopy, new for 2018.


Our 21st year is turning out to be an exciting one. We’ll be introducing some new items, and improving our existing products. 21 also seems like a good year to introduce a new PahaQue website, so we’ll soon be pushing out a new site with a new look and streamlined ease of use. 21 years seems like a long time, but we feel like we are just getting started, and we look forward hitting 30 and beyond.