3 Fun Campsite Games you probably haven’t tried.

We enjoy lounging around the campsite, sometimes doing nothing, relaxing in our camping hammock, and often enjoying an adult beverage. But we like to be active and have fun with the family as well. Here are a few of our favorite games to play at the campsite.

Glow in the dark bocce ball: This is definitely a modern twist on an old classic. This game is traditionally played during the day,and on dirt or asphalt courts. The game starts by tossing a small ball or “jack” out onto the court. Then each opponent “bowls” their ball in attempt to be the closest one to the jack. Bocce traditionalists would probably cringe at our campsite style of play, but the mixed surface and terrain of a campsite, the orbs glowing at night, and potential obstacles such as tree trunks and fire pits add a to the excitement.    LED Bocce sets are available online for around 50 bucks, and can provide hours of entertainment for both kids and adults.


Giant Jenga: Jenga is usually an indoor game played on a small table out countertop.   The game is often exciting and filled with tension as the tower grows, and become increasingly unstable.   But you know what really adds to the tension and the fun? Making it giant! Giant Jenga is a hit at almost any campsite.   You an buy Giant Jenga online for around $30 or if you are the handy type, you can get some extra satisfaction from building your own.



Potato Sack Races: Remember these from when you were a kid? You basically hop to the finish line with your entire body in sack. The obvious question is? Where do i find a potato sack? Well it might not be a bag that actually carried potatoes, but the internet can deliver a set of “racing” bags to your door for under $20, and it will be money well spent. You’ll get some good laughs, and you’ll get your blood pumping. Be careful, or the kids will definitely out hop you on this one.


What are your favorite camping games?   Cornhole?  Horeshoes?  Let us know what you like to play at the campsite.