Four of our favorite camping books.

Spring is still 5 weeks away, and much of the country is still covered in snow. So you may not be camping right now. But if you are like us, the next best think to camping and enjoying the outdoors is reading about camping  and the outdoors.   So here are a few of our favorite books about being outside.   Some of them are easy, fun reads, and some are more serious.  But any of these books can be enjoyed by the fireplace inside, or by the campfire on your next adventure.   Do you have a favorite book you would like to share?   Email us: or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.

A Walk in the Woods

A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson  has been described as ” Choke on your coffee funny”   It is really a hiking book more than a camping one, but Bryson does plenty of tent camping  as he and his incredibly unfit friend set out to hike the Appalachian Trail.

awalk in the woods


Into the Wild

Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer was a best seller, and the film base on the book made it even more famous.   This one is definitely on the opposite end of the spectrum from the Bryson book, as it tells the story of the troubled but intelligent Chris McCandless.  The young man from El Segunda CA walks into the Alaskan wilderness, and never walks out.  Mccandless’ cause of death is still debated 25 years later, and we will likely never know what lead to his demise.   Even if you’ve already seen the movie, you should grab a copy of this book in paperback.  It’s a real page turner, as is anything by Krakauer.

into the wild

Hey Ranger

Hey Ranger is a light hearted book written by a veteran park Ranger.   Jim Burnett collected many stories  the misadventures of campers and other park goers in his 30+ years at the NPS.   Park users get themselves into all sorts of ridiculous situations, but  Hey Ranger is an easy read, and great book  for relaxing in a hammock.

ranger hey

Coyote America

Coyote America  by Dan Flores is a look into the lives of  the ubiquitous Canis latrans.  The book can roughly be summarized as: When we are long gone, the coyotes will still be here.  If you don’t have a great respect for the coyote before you read the book, you will after you are done. Flores will convince you that the  often maligned  coyote is an incredibly intelligent, adaptable animal deserving of our respect.  Attempts by previous generations to eradicate the animal proved impossible, as the coyote always outsmarts and outlives any attempts to beat it, and the species will outlive us all.

coyote america


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