Free National Parks Passes for 4th Graders

Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Denali and Big Bend are some of the biggest ones.  Hot Springs,  Indiana Dunes, and Acadia  are some of the smaller ones.  Dry Tortuga is an island version, and Gateway Arch is in the middle of a bustling city.     Our national parks are nothing short of a national treasure.  With over 84 million visitors in 2017, they offer us a chance to camp, hike, bike, and climb.  We love our national parks, and we think  a national parks pass make an excellent gift. But did you know every fourth grader can get a free national parks pass?

The Every Kid In A Park program is simple.  Every single 4th grader ( or their parent or teacher) can go online and print out a parks pass online, and then take it  any national park for free entry.


Of course the NPS doesn’t want 9 year old roaming the national park all alone, so the pass allows entry for the 4th grader, along with all other children in the family, plus up to 3 adults.    Do you have multiple children?   You can take advantage of the program for each child, and enjoy multiple years  of family trips to the parks.    You aren’t the child’s primary guardian or caretaker?    No problem.  Any guardian or educator can print off the passes for the kids.    There are a few caveats, but they aren’t overly restrictive.

The program runs from Sept 1, through August 31 of each year. So if your little one just finished 4th grade, get a pass now, and use it all summer.  The other thing is that you must  go online and print out a paper copy of the certificate.   They won’t take an electronic copy.   It might be a good idea to make multiple copies in case you lose on on your trip.

The Every Kid In A Park program encourages kids to enjoy the national parks and the outdoors in general.  Hopefully fostering a lifelong passion for camping and exploring.

Ready to get a free parks pass for your little one:   Just head over to the Every Kid In A Park website.  It takes less than two minutes.


Have you been camping in a national park with your kids? We would love to hear from you. Email us: or contact us on Facebook or Instagram.



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