Tips to stay cool at the campsite this summer

Summer was officially here a few weeks ago, and many campsites are seeing record high temperatures.  The heat can certainly  make a camping trip less fun than it could be.  But we have a few tips to keep you cool.

  1. This first one seems obvious,  but campers sometimes forget to look for a good shady spot.   It’s especially easy to forget this if you  take off work on Friday night, and arrive at your favorite campsite as the sun sets.   But setting up  your tent in a nice shady spot, will help keep you cool throughout the day.   Pay special attention to where the sun and shade will be in the middle  of the day in the afternoon.  If you have to be in direct sun for part of the day.  Make it the morning, when it is typically cooler.

    The Pahaque Rendezvous 4 person tent is  getting some great shade under the pine trees.
  2. Camp near water if you can.   You can not only hop into the water to cool off, but the evaporation of  that lake or river actually cools the area around, and it can be a few degrees cooler  near the water.

3. Get up off the ground.   Ventilation underneath you can help keep you cool for an afternoon nap, or even through the full night.   The Pahaque Hammock  is easy to setup, comes with a unique spreader bar to keep you comfy, and you can get a rainfly to keep the morning dew off your face.  it even comes in one person models, as well as 2 person models for all the snugglers out there. DSC_2316

4. Ventilate your tent.  Remove that rain fly, open the windows and let the breeze come through.  You want as much airflow through there as possible.  This  is where a roomy  tent with nice big windows comes in handy.   The goal is to let as much heat escape as possible, and to let  as much breeze come through as possible. If there is a prevailing wind, set up your tent so that the wind comes right through.

The BaseCamp Quick Pitch  tent is easy to set up, has plenty of room, and will let the cool breeze come on through.

5)   Dress properly.   Light colored clothes will  reflect rather than absorb the sun’s rays, as well as protect you from getting burned.   Your morning may start off with  long pants, but be prepared to change into shorts as the day goes on, and a hat the keeps the sun  off your face is also key.   It can keep you cool and  keep you looking young!



These are just a few of the tips we have for keeping cool  during your summer camping trip.  We hope you find a few of them useful.  And we would love to hear about your favorite way to keep cool.  Just email us: and tell us  how you beat the heat!


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