The Gear Doctor – May 2015

The Gear Doctor

Fabulous First Aid Kit

The most important piece of equipment for a camping trip is your First Aid Kit.  I’ve made some suggestions below for a “Fabulous First Aid Kit” that will help make your trip more enjoyable, rather than having to rush to a doctor’s office.


Band-Aids of all shapes and sizes

Gauze pads (4” x 4”) and tape

Small scissors


Kotex pad (absorbs large qtys of blood for bigger wounds)

Aloe gel for sunburn

“Butterfly” bandages for deep cuts

Pain relief medications (Tylenol, aspirin, Ibuprofen)

Ace bandage

Splint (can be makeshift from paint can stir sticks)

Alcohol/Hydrogen peroxide or swabs

Cotton balls

Sling (a large handkerchief will do nicely!)

Moleskin and/or Nuskin (found at drug stores) for blisters

Baking soda and calamine lotion for insect bites

It’s always best to include a First Aid Manual and familiarize yourself with some of the basic procedures.  Remember that cuts should have firm pressure put on them before bandaging, to help stop the flow of blood.  If bloodflow cannot be stopped, it’s time to get to a hospital pronto.  Place the affected area above the heart while transporting the patient.  NEVER place any creams or oils on burns.  Always use cool water and wrap with a loose gauze bandage until you can see a doctor.  Ace bandages are great for sprains;  use a painter’s stir stick and wrap against the sprain if you suspect a broken bone.  No walking on a suspected broken ankle!  Fevers can be lowered with analgesics and a cool wash cloth to the head.  Drink plenty of water when camping (not just beer!), as being outdoors can dehydrate you quickly.  Always bring water bottles on hikes.

Having a first aid kit along on your trip will allow you to “fix what’s broken” along the way, and get you back to lounging in your favorite chair.  The Gear Doctor brings wine on every camping trip as first aid for relaxation……  J

Happy Camping and enjoy the outdoors!

We are very pleased to have Anita Hudson Easton back on our writing staff as author of our monthly Gear Doctor.  Anita is a 30 year veteran of the Outdoor Industry and is an expert in the design, manufacturing, care and maintenance of outdoor gear!

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