Are you one of those folks that love the idea of camping, but dislike the heat, the buzzing insects, and crowded campgrounds of summer? Waiting until after the crowds have left, and the weather has cooled, offers many advantages for campers seeking solitude and quiet.  We recently asked our customers what are their favorite things about Fall Camping.  Here are the top five responses:

#1  Smaller Crowds – Summertime generally means crowded campgrounds. One customer compared it to a being in a hotel without walls.  Not so in the fall, when you may find yourself the lone camper in a campground that was filled to capacity two months ago.  That means more peace and quiet, cleaner facilities, and better site selection options.

#2  Cooler Weather – warm days and cool nights make a great combination.  Perfect for hiking or exploring during the day, and the cool nights are great for sleeping, all cuddled up in your sleeping bag, or sitting around a warm fire wrapped in a toasty blanket, sipping hot chocolate.  Which leads us to –

#3  Clear Nights – Fall is perhaps the best time of year for star-gazing.  Crystal clear nights, and the return of the winter constellations make Fall a great time of year to bring along a telescope, or even just a pair of binoculars.  For smart-phone users, apps such as Google Sky or SkySafari add an entirely new dimension to viewing and understanding the heavens.  Campgrounds – generally away from urban areas, are great places to star gaze.

#4  Lower Rates – Many campgrounds offer discounted off-season rates, making an already affordable activity – camping – even more affordable!  Camping is perhaps one of the most economical, and healthy activities available, and even more so during this time of year.

#5  Fall Colors – this is perhaps the highlight of Fall camping.  All other advantages aside, and as if to say thank you for coming to visit, Mother Nature unleashes her annual display of colors that can be as captivating as staring at the camp fire.  So bring your camera!

If Fall has already passed by in your neck of the woods, then I hope you had an opportunity to enjoy at least one Fall camping trip this year.  And if Fall weather is still on the menu where you live, then grab your gear and go!  Soon the leaves will be gone, winter will be upon us and the camp gear will be stowed away, waiting for Spring.

What is your favorite time of year to camp?  Please share your camp stories and photos with us – we would love to hear from you and learn about how and when you like to camp!  We will share your stories and photos on our website and Facebook page.  To contact us, please email your stories, photos and comments to happytrails@pahaque.com

I hope to see you ’round the campfire soon!

Jeff Basford


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