Camping Experts

Welcome everyone to the CampingExperts blog, brought to you by the folks at Paha Que’ Wilderness, Inc, manufacturers of high-quality camping equipment for 15 years!
What makes us the CampingExperts you ask? Good question. Seems that everyone is an expert when it comes to camping, camping gear, and camping techniques. And I guess we’re no different than anyone else.
But what we can and do bring to the party is a combined 80 years of camping experience, along with over 15 years of intensive product design and testing.  And most importantly – listening to our customers insights, complaints and compliments.
In our never-ending quest to design better gear, we’ve seen just about every piece of camping gear ever invented. We think we know what works and what doesn’t. We personally test our gear in the most rugged backcountry and weather conditions.
In our blog we will be sharing input on equipment, remote camping spots, and camp stories and more. We hope you will participate and contribute your insights as we all search for the perfect camping experience!

2 thoughts on “Camping Experts

  1. GREAT articles Jeff! I enjoyed reading about our camp-out in Quartzsite and the additional articles about prior encampments and exploring old mining towns in the west. I was also thinking about your story when you and Mike drove out to Promontory Point. Maybe that would be a good area to camp and hold some type of future rally? You piqued my interest there and that is a historical area I plan to explore sometime in the future. You are like me, you can almost hear the voices and see the early explorers and settlers who set foot on these hallowed and sacred sites long before we were born. But then again who knows, maybe you and I walked on that earth in an earlier life and that is what is calling us back? Who new? 😉

    Best regards my friend!

    Mike Smith
    Linden, Mi

    PS – I DO need to speak to you about the grommets, suction cups and possibly constructing a collar for me for use on my new 5-wide Little Guy trailer. Is a bribe necessary to have a chance to speak to you personally on the phone? :-)))

    1. Mike,
      Thanks for your reply. I agree with you – who knows what calls us to those remote and historic places. Maybe we’re still looking for something we didnt find earlier. I sure hope to see you again on our next trip. The Utah CPRR trip would be awesome as the road is pretty passable for about 110 miles or so. We can shoot for that one in Aug ’12 perhaps.
      We did send out the suction cups and grommets – let me know if they dont arrive in the next few days! If you want modifications to your tent just call me anytime – 888.77.8368.
      Talk soon amigo!

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